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# 1
Cause of accidents in hotels and restaurants and public buildings
85 %
Of workers' compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors
Disabling injuries per year in North America
$ 70,000,000,000
Annual compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents


My garage floor looked like it was new!
“We hired Sentinel Safe Floor Solutions to do our garage floor. I had painted it many times previously with garage floor paint. It would chip off after a few months. I would clean it, then start over. Bob at Sentinel Safe Floors scraped all the loose paint and cleaned it with a special enzymatic cleaner. My garage floor looked like it was new! He then applied a primer and applied a durable, non-slip coating, which is very different from the epoxy paint I used in the past. I can already tell this will last, it feels much more durable. Bob was extremely professional and very courteous to me and my family and he got the job done quickly. I highly recommend him. ”
We Always Recommend Sentinel
“As an insurance agency, it is important that our clients practice risk management at their facilities. When one of our clients is at risk for a claim because hey have unsafe floors, we always recommend Bob (Sentinel) for the job.”
A Great Service
“They offer a great service that significantly increases home safety. They complement our services perfectly and do a wonderful job at a very good price.”
We are so Happy!
“We are so happy! Thank you, Bob. Our socks don't slip and it is a world of difference for the dogs. Also, the hardwood still looks great. I've already started telling folks about your product. Feel free to use these comments as a reference. Thanks again for sneaking us in so quickly.”
Very Accommodating and Reasonable
“Kudos to Bob Giammarco, at Sentinel Safe Floors, for making our foyer tiles safer. Bob was very professional and took the time necessary to make sure the job was done right. What was once a very slippery floor now measures 3 times better on his slip meter. While he was at it, he was also able to lay down a slip-resistant solution on our basement stairs. Bob is very accommodating and reasonable and I would recommend him for any surface, that you feel could be a potential hazard for slipping.”
Safe Environment
“I had Sentinel Safe Floors treat my landscape trailers and my employees feel it has made a big difference in reducing how slippery they were. As a business owner, I feel this adds great value and makes a potentially dangerous environment safer. Bob Giammarco is a true professional, and can definitely help assess and resolve any slip hazards your business might have.”
Increase Safety for Employees and Clients
“I recently had Sentinel Safe Floors treat the restroom in my office as it is used by many families and little kids. As a business owner, healthcare provider and employer, I strive for optimal safety in the office. It is sensible for any business to see how Sentinel Safe Floors can increase safety for employees and and clients.”
I Love My Stairs Now!
“Before Sentinel Safe Floors came in to treat our hardwood stairs, we would routinely have near slips and occasionally actually slip down. Our grand-daughter slipped on the stairs once, luckily, she didn't get hurt. We had to stop it. Now, after the treatment, I've actually tried to slide my foot over a stair to see if it was even possible to slip. I couldn't! I used to dread people going up and down those stairs, but now, I love my stairs!”
We Feel Very Safe
“We were always worried about slipping in the shower, but after Sentinel Safe Floors treated it for us, we now feel very safe. They are real pros and get the job done quickly.”
A Top-Notch Professional
“Bob at Sentinel Safe Floors is a shining star in the floor safety industry.  His knowledge of slip-resistant solutions and his care and concern for his clients is second to none.  If you are concerned about walkway safety in your home or business, do yourself a favor and call Sentinel Safe Floors.  ”
Wow! 5 stars for this service!
“Bob Giammarco is an outstanding, caring individual who truly has an incredible service that could benefit virtually anyone and any floor! Give him 5 minutes of your time and you will be amazed at the non-slip capabilities of his product.”